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some news

Hey, long time no see blahblahblah..
I do have some news! I have finished my new album. It's called 'Into Outside' and it will be released is some form in some of the following months. In the meantime you can listen to all my tracks here. I have made two soundcloud sets, one with my first album and one with the other songs. Nothing new, but now it's well orginized! One last thing: you can like High the Moon on facebook now! Isn't that just awsome?

Casio & Birdsounds by highthemoon

Casio & B-Sides by highthemoon


the burn of scrutiny

hey there,
well, it's been a long time you've seen anything new here and -to be honest- it's been a long time i've been here.
but i want to let ya'all know that i've been working my head off. recording new songs and building a second album. will be for sale (yeah, that's SALE) some time in a shop near you.


Make Me Light

Make Me Light by highthemoon

it's been so long, it's been so very long! stay in my sight.



W'ter by highthemoon

(featuring Naomi Jacobs!)



Boss by highthemoon

between all the 'lola kite mixing-editing-waiting action' hereby i present to you a strange song (in my ears). influenced by happy hardcore, and living in de van bossestraat, amsterdam west...


We Had a Lot of Fun

this might be my take on bjm, Motown & Irish drinking songs.
thanks to the lyrical mistakes the song was left on a shelve for a long time, until now.

We Had A Lot Of Fun by highthemoon


Christmas Single 2009!

Dear Visitor,
let me start to tell you i am sorry i have been neglecting you for such a long time now. to make up, i have made a song for you. it is It's Christmas, I Tell You! and i made it to celebrate! i hope you will enjoy it.

It's Christmas, I Tell You! from highthemoon on Vimeo.


Snow on trees, ice on lakes
Santa Claus, Christmas days
Everyone anywhere, i tell you

Summer so, long ago
Cold has told us, where to go
Family, harmony, i tell you

Suddenly, in my town
Lights are placed, all around
Decorate, celebrate, i tell you

Get your boots, get your coat
Get your car, on the road
Visit all the ones in need
Of company

Need i say, more today
Belly stuffed, worlds to pray
Come together, come to stay
On Christmas Day...


Flee Land

hey there,
you may have noticed my inactivity. that is because i am on vlieland with lola kite. the bass of numberone is being recorded as we speak! just to let you know.
it doesn'm mean that i won't post anything here, so please visit as much as you like, maybe you will be rewarded.


Polish (the video)

well, here is a new video for a song that you may have heard already over here. still, i wanted to make a video for it. thanks to the aliens that visited my house three weeks ago.